You can return your order within 30 days of arrival. 👌 We will refund the order amount to the payment method used in your order.

In case you want to return your order, we are happy to assist. Since we are not an ordinary clothing company, our return process might be a bit different from what you know. Please read the following steps first, before issuing a return.


Please make sure you really do not want to keep the item and really would like to send it back. It is very important for us to make you as our customer the happiest, but we also would like to keep our environment and our Charity Project in mind. Losing your order would be tough. So in case of a problem with one of our products, please contact us first and hopefully we can find a solution together.


If you would like to issue a return, please send all items you would like to return back to the address mentioned on the original packaging within 30 days after you got the items. Feel free to contact us in case you do not have the original packaging anymore and we will assist you. When all returned items have arrived at our facility, we will refund the order amount to the payment method used in your order.


Unfortunately, we cannot offer you free returns at the moment, with one exception (see below) – so you would have to pay for the shipping expenses of the return and your side. Exception PayPal payments: If you have placed or paid your order via PayPal, we are happy to forward you to the PayPal return service, which covers the expenses of your return. In case your order was paid via PayPal and you want to return your order, please click here and follow the instructions: PayPal return service.


Regardless of any return, we still want to do something good in your name. That’s why we donate all returned clothing items to local clothing charities.


Do you have a specific question, do you need help with something, do you have a great idea for our company, or do you just want to say Hi? We are happy to hear from you.

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