Our Mission

Be childish at heart, responsible in mind & love your next.

What our Mission means

With our fashion, we at Childish Clothing stand for a fair and empowering world, where each individual is being treated with equal respect and dignity and where people always care for each other. Thereby we believe in these core values that build our mission:

Childish at heart

As children, we saw no race, nationality or gender – we played and laughed with whom we wanted to. Growing up, hate and fear should not lead our decisions, but the inner-child that is filling our heart with the same happiness, optimism and joy as then.

Responsible in mind

Since this planet is the only one we got, we must tread it with great respect. That’s why all of our products are fair trade and draw attention to topics, that need to be fixed. Sure enough we put a portion of humor in the mix – The world is serious enough already.

Love your next

Like we used to share food at lunch break with our friends, we want to help others nowadays too. That’s why we started our own Charity Project: From every product we sell, we donate a part to a charity in your name. You can choose the charity individually on every product.

How our Charity Project works


Choose your Product

Choose the product you like on our Shop page.


Select your Charity

Select the Charity of your choice so we know where the donation should go to.


Place your Order

By completing the checkout and placing your order your work is done.


Enjoy your Support

After your order is confirmed, we fullfill the donation to the charity you selected.

Who we want to support

Our Charity Partners are clustered in three different categories, consistent with the topics that we address on our products. These partners were selected based on particularly good results in accountability, transparency, intentions and reputation – Since we want to make as sure as possible that your and our donations are really making a difference.

Humanitarian Projects

A lot of people on this planet are suffering. Thanks to projects like these as many of them as possible are getting the help they need. By supplying food, healthcare and fundamental rights, these projects help to survive and to rebuild lives. Get more information at:


Environmental Protection

Each day these Charity Partners fight for our oceans, forests, food, climate and for making this world a better place. They are taking this fight for all of us since this planet is the only one we got. By our donations, we want to make their mission a little easier. Get more information at:


Animal Protection

These projects help animals that cannot protect themselves. These partners are here to ultimately end cruelty to farmed animals. Donations are one way, but we also can contribute to that mission by simply changing our consumer habits and our lifestyle for good. Get more information at:

Support our Mission

We at Childish Clothing are currently focussing on four topics, that we created products for. You can support our mission by spreading the word or by sharing our messages and products on Social Media. Our impact might not be huge, but every bit counts – And with your help, we can do more!

Have any Questions?

We are happy to help! Just send us a message and allow us to come back to you as soon as possible.